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500 for 2
Format of 500 for 2 explained

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28/06/09, Runcorn Tavern
Winner John Stavrinoudis

Next Event - TBA.



























500 logo ... is Coming!

Is an exciting new 500 card tournament.
It utilises a 2 person (4 hand) version of the game,
which is just as exciting as the 4 person version.
The same rules apply. Click here to view format.
Misere, Open Misere and No Trumps are included.
Instruction on format given before play commences.

Is a 3 hour session of 500, Fun, Freebies and a Final.
The tournament is resolved in the one session.
Every time you win a game you get a ticket in the
draw to play in the final.
The final is televised in the room for everyone to see.
Raffle draws will also be conducted throughout the tournament.

Anyone over the age of 18 years can play,
as long as you know the rules of 500.










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